AI and the future of LEARNING


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There’s a lot of talk and action happening in the artificial intelligence line nowadays. People bander around the term ‘AI’ but most people don’t really understand the impact of what it will be like on our lives.

Frankly speaking, right now we have some key apps on our phone that we take for granted e.g. WhatsApp, Google, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Instagram, to name some of the main ones. In fact, for quite sometime now we have considered that this is the world we live in today and though this is mind-blowing to us to have such connectedness, a lot of us cannot fathom that there could be anything more incredible. Well this is. It is all based in artificial intelligence.

The AI idea is already with us in its infancy terms of the deep learning happening on Google. We all know that if we book a flight in Bangkok, for days and weeks building up to the flight there will be search results constantly bringing us news and events and savings we can make on our up and coming trip. This is deep learning in action. It has learned through our searching what we are interested in and delivered what it thinks will be of interest to us.

Now imagine this in terms of learning. Well, to put it simply, it’s good to remember the so often told story of someone saying to someone else – ‘You know, I was always really bad at Mathematics until I got this great teacher Mr Rogers, he taught me Maths in a way that made it make total sense to me.’

This is exactly what AI will do for the learner of the future. Mr Rogers will the AI. What the AI will do is over time due to your constant online activity get a very in-depth grasp of how you think, what you are into and just about anything else you happen to do virtually. AI will crunch all this data and create a kind of virtual clone of yourself and the combine that will the concepts that need to be taught and eventually (actually instantly!) present to you something about this concept that totally suits your mind.

This will be incredible for learners who are totally out of the norm, who in the past struggled with school work and were simply not motivated. It will also totally revolutionize learning for learning impaired and disabled people. Now for the first time they will be able to have access to a style of understanding that will be incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

The rewards from AI learning will no longer be the certificate of excellence they receive of being ‘top of the class’, etc, it will be the sheer joy of feeling that wonderful sensation of ‘getting’ something for the first time.

This kind of learning will be in all forms – all subjects and all topics, for all ages, all levels and all cultural  and religious groups …. for basically every human being on the planet. This is where all people will be equal, all opportunities will be simply based on how much energy you have and it is at this time that the world truly will become a global village.

Imagine this world, and you’ve got our future!

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