Future Teachers will need to teach how to LOVE


(Photo credit: https://bit.ly/2ox48KM)

Nowadays most futurists are ready to accept that technology will take over most learning, but that the great teachers will never be removed from the classroom. As the saying goes, if a computer can take over your job, it should! Meaning if you are not offering that extra something in the classroom, you are most likely going to be made redundant.

So what does this ‘amazing teacher’ need to have to be someone who retains their job, makes a large income, and truly changes people’s minds? I’d like to jump right out there and say, these will be the ones who truly know how to love.

For every child out there, feeling loved is a fundamental criteria that differentiates between those who succeed and those who stumble. If a child comes from a home devoid of love, they will never learn how to move themselves forward in life in a healthy way. Then looking at teenagers, everyone is now looking for love. Again, the hormones are everywhere and they may be looking in all the wrong places. This is however a critical part of learning what love us. Sadly, many teenagers don’t ever find it or even understand it clearly and end up making mistakes they could take years to correct. Then there are the mature learners who have often been through many phases of love, whether it be in their childhood, their teenage years or early adulthood. They will have had some successes or failures in this, or complete stalemates leaving them truly wondering what love and life is all about. These are the confused ones.

The role of the teacher in the past (in the teenage and early adult years in particular) was far from this world of emotions. Students were requested to focus on technical knowledge in order to get ahead in life. These skills are still going to be important. However, the edge will be dimmed considerably by the need to also know how to love something, show love and encourage love. So the question then comes, where will this learning come from?

Most people today would say, that it is the role of the parent, the religious leader or the friend or partner who will show the young person how to do this. But where does the teacher come into this? Currently, it is not acceptable for the teacher to be involved in any of this. But we forget one very important thing. The amount of time a child spends with a teacher on a daily basis is often more than they will spend with any of the other people mentioned above. Therefore, we must never underestimate the importance of this person’s role in the child learning what kinds of emotions are good and not good.

The future teacher will need to understand that they will often be the one fundamental model that the child goes to to learn how to love.  This then requires a whole new training system for teachers that goes beyond the technical side and asks them to firstly understand that love is at the centre of all things, and that this love doesn’t need to be equated with a religious background, it is a critical part of healthy living.

When I talk about the teachers role in love here, it primarily comes down to these key points:

  • Emotional security
  • Passion for a subject
  • Caring for others
  • Self and community care

The parameters of a teachers delivery of the love principles only needs to be integrated into these points above. How it can be shown, and the benefits will be their role, anything related to the morality of all this, I do believe still needs to be handled by the parents or the religious leaders.

In the words of the great Paul McCartney…”All you need is love”…. So true….


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