When the English we communicate is far more than the English we USE

The FUTURE of Learning


So often we get confused with the idea that English is about words….well its actually about much more, and I’m not talking about the grammar, idioms or sentence structure, I’m talking about what message you are passing to someone when you speak.

This is one of those situations where you could say that one sentence could speak a thousand words. There is so much more that goes into a sentence than simply saying these words, it is all about these key things:

  • The intention of the speaker
  • The understanding of the complexity of the English language usage
  • The level of desire to be understood
  • The body language that goes with the English spoken
  • The level of understanding the speaker has about the topic they are talking about
  • Who the person is talking to
  • The feeling the person wants to send in the message
  • The feelings of the feelings that the…

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