The ESL CHECKER player vs the ESL CHESS player

The FUTURE of Learning


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Chess – as most will know, is a board game of strategy involving very complex maneouvres and forward thinking. Some people devote their life to the game and can become world champions.

Checkers – on the other hand is a board game using a simply logical linear process of thinking. There is some strategy involved, but nothing on the scale of Chess.

The question to ask now is – when it comes to learning English – are you a chess player or a checkers player?

If you are a chess player you will understand deeply these principles:

  • Every piece has its own specific moves
  • Every move impacts and changes the long-term strategy of the opponent
  • Every move must be thought through to up to 20 moves ahead
  • There are time limits and expectations on every move
  • The goal is to take the opponents king (checkmate)


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