DO we need an education REVOLUTION or EVOLUTION?

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I loved the video attached here, as it really addresses what learning really is. For so many years we have based our learning on what is necessary to get a job. Even at a very early age, the skills taught for children are based on what they are more likely to need later on into their early adulthood, but today I think the world is asking for a new direction.
So here comes the question, should it be a revolution? or an Evolution that takes place? I’m more inclined to say ‘evolution’ (putting all religious questions aside, evolution is still a word with a worthy meaning).
So let’s have a look at the true meanings of both of these words:
noun –

  1. a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.
  2. the full turn around of something
    noun –
  3. the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
  4. the gradual development of something.

I would prefer to examine the second meanings of both these words as I think they fully cover the concept in terms of education today.
To have an educational revolution would mean that essentially things will remain the same but there will be a close examination of the system by those creating the revolution in order to make it better for the needs of the people. However considering it to have an evolution would be more about letting the forces that be in the world today nurture and develop the needs of education rather than specific peope or leaders.
Whenever there is a new government, there is always a new educational promise. Usually it is all about addressing the weak spots of the current system (e.g. the poor people don’t get a great education), and setting up research and new policies and schemes to allow greater equal opportunity to teh best education possible. But really fundamentally the system is no different, just more opportunties.
Whenever we thing of a ‘gradual development of something’, we are prepared to wait and let things emerge. This process is obviously much longer and more tiresome and may not give the results we want early on, but in effect it really does allow the educational philosophy to shift to fit the times.
Today with the increase of social media and all things online, the question has to be asked, ‘how do we learn things these days?’. There was a time that things came from families, friends, teachers and books, now it has to be said that the internet generally can answer pretty much any quesiton you may have, and social media can be that ‘gossip or news channel’ that sends the messages out to people hear.
The same things are in place, if you wish to agree or disagree with what you hear or learn, it’s up to you. But what the internet does do is it puts itself into a supremely powerful position in that you will have a lot more access to a variety of thinking and/or more indepth access to what you are personally thinking.
So to bring this life change into the world of education now requires us to address the power of the internet and let education emerge from there. The process in which we learn things needs to be far more integrated into how we do actually learn things. This means (I believe) that there shouldn’t be any separation between what we learn and how we learn, becuase it happens anyway, education systems just need to learn how to harness it for the people.
Putting moral codes aside, the internet has no ethics. It is up to you what you want or don’t want to see. That is why evolution is more preferable than revolution.
What do you think? should there be a revolution or evolution of education?

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