Let’s swap WORK with Education and EDUCATION with work

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This is an interesting concept that I’ve always liked the idea of. I’m not talking about putting children back into slave labour, but there is definitely something to the idea that we learn from experience, and if you have no experience, honestly, how can you really learn?
The concept is really more about making learning at Primary and Secondary school level more about task based activities rather than doing things for ‘practice’ only. The children gain so much out of see real things happen in response to doing real things, that it sets them up well for their future.
For example at my previous school, there was an task that all Year 5 students had to do. they had to find a charity that they admired, visit them and see what they do and then set about putting together a fundraising activity to raise money for something the charity needed. The motivation of the children was huge, and the parental excitement too was there as they were proud to see their children doing something worthwhile for the community and understanding how to help others. Altogether it was a win-win situation.
Saying that, this really was the only ‘real’ task the school did other than sports competitions and so on. But it highlighted how children needed more real life experience to understand what and where they wanted to go in life.
Another one was a long time ago back in New Zealand our class created a class newspaper. This was nothing new of course, this happens in many classes around the world, but this time is was published by a real newspaper company and distributed at a cost of 50c each around the community. The newspaper had interviews with not only other children in the school but people in the community. It was a huge success, and as a result the money earned went towards buying something needed for the school.
Real task based activities can be anything from planting a garden and feeding a family to real entrepreneurial activities. There are of course still today many tasks in the school curriculum that demand this kind of programme, but my proposal is that the task based activities be more like 60% or more of the curriculum.
Now looking at the adult workplace. Turning it on it’s head, this is where the real education should be happening. Rather than thinking about getting a job to earn money to do what you want, the adult workplace should be more 60% education and 40% task based.
This I do believe is going to be feasible in the future when technology takes over 60% of our work anyway, and the question will be, what do we do with that time? You are still going to make the same amount of money, so no need to look for another job, all you need to do is to make sure you take part in a wide range of learning activities. This I think needs to be put together by the company manager and owner, with the overall focus of the company being on not just delivery of the product they sell, but educating the staff everyday on something valuable to give back to the community.
Needless to say I’m not talking about everyone learning coding. I’m talking about learning human skills, skills that technology will find difficult to deliver.
Could the world be a better place for all this? Something to think about.

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