Look not for WORDS but a reason for looking for WORDS

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2GimdHI)

Why do we speak or write? To communicate. Why do we need to communicate? To pass on whatever it is that needs to be passed on to others.  So do we opt to communicate in English? We opt to communicate in English because we have a reason to. If you have no reason to speak in English – there is no need, and therefore why bother.

This is the key point of communication. There has to be a reason to open you mouth and make a sound.

So often in class I get students asking me for ‘more vocabulary’, particularly IELTS vocabulary. And they never quite understand that, there is no point in me giving them a whole list of 1000 IELTS vocabulary words if there is no reason for knowing or using them. They may say – yes there is a reason – it is to…

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