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In a lot of ways I love this notion. Minimalism allows so much abundance in your life. Imagine today if you live in a simple, small but pleasant and relaxing place that has very little around you but enough for you to live a simple life. Then from there allow the world of your mind and the internet to engage and your world will become far from minimal – it will be complex, exciting, constantly refreshing, engaging and rich with experience and information.

The really interesting point to be made on this is of course that ‘simple is the brilliant’. The more complex an external life is, the more narrow our inner life becomes. Any hoarder who suffers from the compulsion to collect suffers the disastrous outcome of not even being able to move not just in their house but in their mind. Their mind has simply atrophied from the disorder and for them to even think some simple thoughts becomes painful.

Another angle on the minimalist approach to learning is the way in which we take on ideas. In the past we all had the kinds of brains that required intense scrutiny of a concept before we would believe it. It had to be literally sold to us before we were willing to take it onboard. Nowadays things are turning to the opposite. We are willing to believe anything from the start, so long as we have the chance to experience at least some of it, and make our own judgement from there.

The new way of learning is not about just accepting anything and memorising it. It is more about realising that the boundary between what is possible and what is not is so much wider now. The days of having a hologram of the person you love in your living room talking to you when they live 2000 miles away is possible. It’s just a matter of do we actually want it. If we want something, there will be a time when we will be able to have it.

The most common phrase I hear these days from the 40+ generation is not so much ‘oh all this technology is for the young people’, it’s more ‘Wow – this is amazing, can you see what we can do now….and now they are saying we will be able to……….’. For millennials its more about ‘big deal …this is life isn’t it?’.

But those who are going to handle this shift are the ones who are living life in a minimal way. Decluttering their brain and allowing every moment to have the depth it needs to embrace and understand the shift, not the massive materialistic acquisition mode that creates so much confusion and muddle to the inner mind.

If there is anything that I would recommend someone to do who is finding it hard to learn in this new age of technology it is to minimalise their life in whatever way they can, as this allows their mind to open and welcome the depth and abundance of what the internet of things is going to bring.

2 thoughts on “MINIMALIST APPROACH to learning

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