ABUNDANCE is the core of future learning

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

Remember the days when we had a job to do and so would catch the train to work, do the work then come home on the train and sit at home, make dinner and watch tv and go to bed? Well, it all seemed to be normal then, but it’s changing fast. The reason being is that the abundance we once received by receiving our pay check at the end of the month and having a few laughs with our colleagues is now shifting to an abundance in the depth of every moment in the day.

We’ve all sat on the sofa and read a book and found our minds being taken somewhere incredible for a few hours, to only put the book down later and say, I didn’t do anything today. The future is about looking at this exact same moment and measuring the abundance of the day solely based on where your mind went. Of course, today we can go on the internet and our minds are transported to any world we want, and we can chop and change to wherever we want. This is the new abundance.

Working and enjoying life online allows incredible depth to our life. Never before has so much been available to so many at so little cost. The abundance we can feel in our life is not just our friends and family but who we meet online and what we learn online. The future of our life will be through our second soul….our online persona.

For some people this is a horrific thought, to no longer meet people in the flesh and play real sports, or talk real talk. But the trend is now shifting to not social media as much as social ‘networks’. Today more and more people who want to meet people of similar minds will take the step first online. Meetups and clubs and social networking is now the second step to finding your own tribe…in the flesh!. What used to take years to find can now be done with a click. The drive to connect in reality has never been stronger, but the chances of finding someone to connect with or learn and understand something we never knew before, are exponentially greater now thanks to the online world.

Abundance comes in many shapes and forms: money, love, interest, information….and so it goes on. Thankfully the internet will not focus on any one thing, it will be you the user of it that will determine the abundance you want. Whatever you want to learn, whenever you want to learn it and with who ever you want to learn it with will now be completely up to you.

A new world is coming.

2 thoughts on “ABUNDANCE is the core of future learning

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