CONNECTEDNESS changes everything in learning

Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash

I always have a laugh when people get concerned that they are not reaching the audience they want when trying to teach something. They often say – “I got a lot of likes but they were all from Bangladesh’, as if they are a non-market of people who don’t want anything and are just so stupid that they will click on everything. My answer is ‘hey they are a massive market for something, just perhaps not your product!’

Now tracking forward 7 years, I’m finding the market I particularly want is the Bangladesh market. Who would have thought?!

This is not for any other reason other than just recently there have emerged whole new markets who now have credit cards and smart phones. These are the new hungry markets ready to buy and learn and advance themselves. My point now is, anyone who isn’t into these markets should be giving them a second look, because these are the guys of the future, and to boost your information or learning platforms is now cheaper than ever compared to the return you will get.

At the same time, this level of connectedness not just online but through the financial sector will change all education. The days of these people struggling to get a visa to study in the US or Australia are now gone, no longer are there any barriers to this kind of learning. These people simply need to pick up their credit cards and download the courses. Learning has never been easier or more expansive than it is today.

So what impact will this have long term? Well, when everyone gets educated, everyone wins. The days of education only being for the rich are slowly fading. All people on the planet will soon have access to every single course available to everyone and at a fraction of the price. The reason why it will be so cheap is simply because of the low cost of acquiring a learner. A simple facebook boost, some strategic online marketing and incredibly good content going to all the time, everywhere will compensate for the low cost. Instead of having 2000 learners at a university, every learning centre (no matter how big or small) will have easily 2,000,000, and everyone will win.

Education still is the key to the future for anyone, however it needs to be cheap and accessible to everyone. The days of the young learner not wanting to concentrate at the computer are slowly fading due to the amazing diversity of course content now, and the culture is becoming so much more online now that it will soon become unthinkable to spend your entire day in a classroom with a teacher trying to concentrate without being distracted by the person next to you.

The future of online learning is all about connectedness. I predict that within the next 12 months something will happen to mass learning in a way no one has ever seen before. Looking forward to it.


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