How can we live without ROUTINE – will we learn anything?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Gedr Leonard

Routine really came for the notion or ordering something so that we would never forget it. But anyone who has lived and worked in a routine world can vouch for the fact that daily routine has to be the biggest killer of creativity. It dehumanizes the soul and makes the individual wonder what life is all about.

Routine works best when we all want the same thing. An education, a job, a house, a family, a retirement plan and an elderly life by the sea doing what we want. But today no one is going to accept to wait 65 years before they can officially do what they want. A routine life for many (particularly parents), see it as their sacrifice for their children, so they can have a safe and secure life. But what do we really want for our children? To do the same as us and take on a routine life that will bring us an education, a job, a family….and so on? Would we really want this sacrifice for our family too?

In the past, there really was no alternative that could enable a sound family base. But today not only are people dreaming even more of a non-routine life, but they are going to be forced to take it on. Because of the advancement in technology, all those things we did that were ‘routine’ e.g. driving to work, typing those letters, taking a break for coffee, reading the newspaper, etc, will all be automated to a point where we won’t have the specific times for anything. Work will start at different times, meetings can be done virtually, online articles will appear not just once a day but constantly throughout the day and night, so we can get anything we want whenever we want. The day as we know it will soon come to an end, and the ‘open day’ of exploration and creativity will take over.

Some people who are very creative will find the shift extremely easy, but others who are not creative will suddenly realise that they will have to be.  So many people will be out of ‘work’ as we know it and will need to explore the new arena of themselves. This will also be something that can be substituted for work, but it just won’t be automated, it will be totally human, totally marketable and totally you.

There was a time in the past when people used to say that due to automation we will all be working less and having more leisure time. I’m going to say that though people are now saying that more than ever, it has never been the case. Today people are working harder than ever, but not at the usual work. Due to technology people are being increasingly creative and dynamic. They are finding more and more people who think like them ‘globally’ rather than locally, and are actually happier than they ever were before.

Saying this I would like to propose that this lack of routine will not make us want to go to the beach and relax more, it will in fact make us want to work even harder in the purest sense possible. The world will be full of delight and excitement. We will be paid to explore our own specialities and abundance, and all this will rule with self awareness and humanity.  Learning will become even more internalized and everything will be about our own talents. And the best thing about all this is that because everyone will be pursuing their own thing, there will of course, be enough work for everyone on the planet! Sounds amazing.

The key question is, how will our education system need to change to accommodate this future?

Yes the routines of school life will still hold some importance, but what happens inside those four walls and the 8am-3.30pm time slot will no longer be about ‘getting things done’, it will be more about exploring our humanity and abundance.

Question is, how will the curriculum be when we will be free to explore ‘it all’? We may have to start to learn ‘sideways’ rather than ‘logically’….. Have a think about that idea and let me know your thoughts.

Whichever way we look at it ……good times are coming….


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