You can’t be ANGRY and CURIOUS at the same time

Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

The world that is now set upon us demands our curiosity. It would be foolish to sit back and decide to set our brain to concrete in order to have stability, we must wonder.

Considering this to be true, how will we actually be if we are not able to be angry. How will we fight injustice? What will motivate us to change? Simply put – how will we be angry when we also have to be curious? Because we can’t do those two things at once.

Well, the truth is that in fact we have always been curious and we have always been from time to time angry, and somehow we have managed to survive it all and make changes or move on from it. There are plenty of revolutions in history that have created great outcomes to those who dared to question the system. So are we still going to continue to be angry and curious in the future? But how if the world will be constantly changing and we will be forced to be constantly curious.

Will the world get to a point where we will only be angry about the amount of things to be curious about? Possibly. This is something to bare in mind. Will we all reach saturation point and demand a break so that we can become human again. Possibly. The most important question to ask however is when and if that happens how will we deal with the massive onslaught of the change if we are too busy getting angry.

I think the answer to this is action. Anybody who suffers from anger should be taking action. If they are not taking action they will find themselves imploding and miserable. (And yes I do know there are plenty of people who love to complain and be miserable – that’s just who they are), but sometimes it can be someone else’s single angry comment that leads to a whole tribe of people making a change. That person may not have had anything to do with the movement, they were only the catalyst.

So to re-examine the notion of being angry and curious at the same time, no we can’t do it together, but each will still continue to serve the community. The great thing about it is that if there are enough angry people something will definitely change because the sheer volume of sharing those people can reach will force those in power to do something.

The other side of this is that if there is more curiosity than anger, will that not make the world a better more understanding place to live? When someone simply is curious as to why someone thinks a certain way, rather than being angry that they don’t think the same way as them, must build better global relationships.

All in all I see a better future on both sides of curiosity vs anger debate.

2 thoughts on “You can’t be ANGRY and CURIOUS at the same time

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