How will educator and student roles be RE-IMAGINED?

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

There’s a lot of talk today about the future teachers becoming redundant, but I do beg to differ on this, if only for one reason, if the future of learning is to be more personalised, individual human teachers will be of greater value than ever before.

This doesn’t mean to say that the average teacher may well lose his/her job. Technology will totally get rid of ‘average’, however what will happen is those who are left will either have to become better or great and at the same time once personalised learning does take over, the time for each student to spend one on one with a teacher will be even more valuable than it was before.

I don’t think anyone is thinking that learning for everyone will all be online using AI technologies. That’s a long way off and possibly never will happen, however AI will take over a huge chunk of teaching for the mainstream stuff, and it will be the individual great teacher who will step in for those radical moments of insight and complex learning shifts that come from those light bulb moments between a supportive teacher and demotivated learner.

This I do believe is the shift we will look for. To reimagine this kind of relationship is the key, however there are many who will say that that is what a great teacher has always been about. A textbook can do a lot of the work, but it is the teacher who believes in their student can make a major difference.

Teachers who are great will always go that extra mile, but the future relationship with the teacher, though fundamentally will not change, it will be at a premium cost and time spent with them will definitely be short. Teachers will be able to give out their services on an hourly rate, and will be limiting their groups from 1-4 students maximum.

Reimagining this is not so much the teacher’s role in all this, it will be more about time constraints and spending power.

That’s my take. What about yours?

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