How to deal with VUCA – Learn to ACCEPT yourself

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

VUCA? – I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling it!

What is it? It’s the new state of mind we need for the future world. In a nutshell, this is it:





This is what we should expect in our everyday thinking for the future.

I know some of you have already said under your breath….so what else is knew, that has been my life for so long now. And it’s true. Anyone who has been in a high powered job or a difficult situation, or even motherhood or business! VUCA has already made its presence in your life. But think about how you dealt with it, or didn’t deal with it? Did you opt out? Did to try to control it? Did you run away? Whatever the response was, you did something, good bad or ugly, you did something.

This is the first place to look. What was it that you did, and how can you do it better next time or hone the skills to make it even better than it was.

Understanding VUCA is very important to realizing the future life of all of us. Those who want to live in a state of ‘controlling things or others’ will be left to live a lowly life of solitude. People will not stand for being controlled as much as they used to because they will have developed this mindset of embracing VUCA.

To fully accept VUCA is to fully accept the world we have actually so often lived in anyway. The world has always been complex, the world has always dealt us tough times to navigate, but this time we need to not avoid these things, we need to understand they are an important part of life and living in that ‘middle ground’ of chaos and fear and learning how to turn that into something exciting and interesting is really where we need to place our minds.

The first place to start is to be at peace with yourself. If you aren’t, you will find I extremely difficult to stay afloat.

One you are happy with yourself, you can then handle the chaos. It may be in a small way, it may be in a major way, but accepting yourself is the first place to start.


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