Whenever you solve a problem CORRECTLY – you have ENGAGEMENT

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: https://bit.ly/2M7tnMS)

One of the common complaints of teachers today is that they say that it is hard to motivate the class or keep the class interested. This in one way is a simple management problem, but to look closer at the issue, the real answer is basically about making sure the students can see clearly and logically how something is solved correctly. There will be a moment of enlightenment and awe as they see before their eyes all things clearly. This is commonly known as engagement.

In the future, this kind of teaching skill will be no different than today. However, what will be different is that the teacher will have to know the route to bringing the class through the process of logic to this final point. Without this procedure, everyone will go somewhere else where the process is clearer.

This in its essence is actually…

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