Are we trying to LEARN TOO MUCH at once?

by Sawyer Bengtson on Unsplash

With the massive onslaught of digitalization over the last 10 years, many people are frantically learning about digital analytics, digital marketing, digital programming but how many people are actually putting it into place long term?  Is simply doing an online course, making it that easy to catch up? Or are we overloading ourselves with too much ‘modern/digitalized’ information too fast.

At the same time, I’m always surprised how many established successful business people are not active on social media, don’t understand e-commerce or have limited typing skills….(yes, some people still can’t type!!!)

It seems to me that there is an all or nothing learning situation going down right now, absorb as much as you can, as fast as you can or bail out. But is this a good thing?

It’s understandable that some of the old school business people are saying….time for retirement – time to leave the new stuff up to the young ones! And maybe it is true for them. But still the young ones are confronted by incredible digital media to consume, but still need the energy to understand how to put it into play in business or work.

So we mustn’t ignore the ‘old school’ employee either. One thing the ‘successful ones’ do have is experience in….human behavior. They understand how we as people interact with each other and get things done. Being treated badly whether you are a customer or an employee hasn’t changed one bit with digitalization. In other words, let’s not jump the gun too quickly to remove the ‘old school’ approach of caring about your customer and staff. 

Therefore, what we do need to do is to understand how we can learn from each other, to be able to sift out and digest ‘relevant’ information and as well as make it relevant to the current situation. Doing everything by hand is not acceptable anymore, so finding the way to mesh some of the old school tried and true experience to a modern context is where the key is.

Another old school approach is that ‘action speaks louder than words’, and this is still the same today as it was back then. The only difference is that we can make it all happen so much faster for people and in a whole new way.

The important point to take away here is that though we are digesting so much information and ideas today, it is always the treatment of human beings, and the putting into action that still matters. If we are someone who can do that, it is a skill and attribute of a successful ‘old school’ executioner, and deliver it all in a modern context, you are one of the new wave business people. If you can’t combine these too and just digest and regurgitate information, you may as well close your online learning program and do something else.

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