Will all future learning simply be an ALGORYTHM?

The FUTURE of Learning

alg.png(Photo credit: https://bit.ly/2ML9KiQ)

To consider ourselves in the future is to understand the integration of technology into our lives. That central ‘sister’ nervous system that will be our tech side is going to be the truth of our lives. But the question still remains, if we are trying to make technology so advanced that it is like a shadow of ourselves, are we not simply thinking that we as a human simply another algorithm to clone?

The more advanced we get in the development of everything the more we try to make the AI like a human. Constantly researchers are trying to find that fundamental equation that makes us us. This is nothing new, physicists have been trying from the beginning of time but to no avail. Thank goodness!

However for technology to be seamlessly integrated into our lives, it really does need to be a pretty close clone…

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