The future of learning is in the child IN FRONT OF YOU

The FUTURE of Learning


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When we think of learning we tend to equate it with children. When we thinking of examinations we think of teenagers, and when we think of career building we think of university or college students. In some ways we are right, but in other ways we are way off the mark. Here’s how.

Firstly, in the future, everything will be backwards. The learners will become the teachers, the teenagers will become the examinations, and the university students will become the career builders. This is because the future of learning will start with the world view of the child, and from there the uniqueness of the learning will just expand within the person, making it incredibly dynamic for every learner.

For so long we learned based on the curriculum. The question was, who wrote the curriculum, and really did it suit everyone? No because many people failed…

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