COLLABORATION is the new technical aspect of learning

The FUTURE of Learning


the days we used to world in cubicles and offices, learn in rows or individual
desks away from each other? Well, times they are a-changing.

A classroom
today should be ‘collaboration’ based. This doesn’t start just with the teacher
saying – okay everyone get into groups, it starts with the furniture!

Tables of
at least 4 people or more should be used, plus a rotation of working
environments also should be a regular thing.

One of the
main reasons why people don’t like to work in groups is that they are
shy……seriously, that is the truth. They are frightened that they will not be
heard, that someone will boss them around and most importantly that someone may
put down their idea as being stupid and dumb.
It’s all about self esteem. If you look at those who love to work in
groups, it’s not just…

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