10 AMAZING Fun GROUP ESL Activities for children (or even ADULTS!)

The FUTURE of Learning


Hey, we are all children at heart and here is a big list of fun things to do with groups of children or adults to spread the English around. Check them out:

  1. Conduct a survey in the class

Choose any topic and get them to even make some graphs with the results depending on the level of your class

  1. Create a song about your community

This can be in groups or individually, and even see if you can put a tune to it with a guitar or piano. It’s good to present it in an assembly too.

  1. Design a new outfit/car, draw it and label what it is made of etc

This can be for a fashion spread in a new magazine (car or clothes!)

  1. Design a menu for a celebration

Pick the festive time and then talk about what it is about then think of the food. Make it…

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