What is the role of DISCIPLINE in the future of LEARNING

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: https://bit.ly/2NsUVgm)

Firstly let’s get something clear here, I’m not talking about discipline as in teachers punishing students, I’m going to explore the idea of the role of personal discipline in the learning process for the student.

In the past all forms of discipline were left up to the teacher to instill in the student. This I don’t believe will change, but if we look at how it was done before and how that will need to change or be somehow enhanced, this is the key to understanding it and its importance.

Currently particularly at Primary School level, teachers are the boss, and all children do what the teacher say’s ‘or else!’. To a certain extent, this has some good qualities. Children are children and do need a lot of guidance on a constant basis, but what the teacher needs to do is to make sure they understand the boundaries…

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