Hang around the FRINGE, that’s where the future is

The FUTURE of Learning

credit: https://bit.ly/2Mhimdw)

It’s taken
until now for me to realize that in fact when I was teaching children for
years, I really wasn’t like the other teachers, though I thought we were all
the same, actually we weren’t. It took me until I heard some thought leaders
today speaking badly about the reprehensible education system that still
lingers in the developed world today. The rote learning, the chanting and
memorizing of facts, the dominance of the exam system and entry qualifications
all based on results. I realized that I have never taught to that vein and
never thought anyone around me ever did. Alas I was wrong, such is the blind
spot of the alternative thinker.

I think the
key point about teaching was for me that there was always a freedom there. A
freedom of humor and discussion and every day seemed an endless roll of

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