How can a group of 12 year old's do BETTER than US?

Now here’s an interesting question about curriculums. There is a school in England that wanted to provide a summer programme for students interested in technology. There were perplexed on where to begin to start creating a curriculum for them. Finally they decided to just call it a programme on the ‘Summer of Code’. All they wanted was to see who was interested in coding and where were these kids at on it. They simply asked them to send in anything they had created already and they would work a curriculum from there.

They were absolutely flabbergasted as to what they received. 12 year old kids were sending in ground-breaking technologies in their infancy. Creativity was already there. They realized one significant thing. If they set up a curriculum for these kids it would most probably only destroy their direction. So they decided to simply bring all these kids together, offer (if they wanted) questions to be solved, and in return for 6 weeks they had to find their own way of answer these questions in groups. The results were astonishing. Makes you wonder about the value of our curriculums…

So how can a group of 12 year old’s do better than us? By letting them!

Check this out:

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