YOUR English cannot grow in a state of INSTABILITY

The FUTURE of Learning


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For some reason some people work best in chaos I’d say that would be perhaps to do with the fact that deep down that need a lot of activity around them to stimulate them to start thinking. This is quite a strength of character, I have to say. However, most people are not like that. Most people like to feel secure in themselves and their life to get the most out of a new learning venture.

Here are some ways your like could be unstable:

  1. Financial insecurity
  2. Socially insecure
  3. Intellectually lacking confidence
  4. Romantically fraught
  5. External unavoidable irritations adding extra stress on the situation

Most of these above (except for No. 5) will require you to somehow gather confidence in yourself to overcome on a deeper level whatever you are going through. But the last one (No.5) is one that will require you to regroup your thoughts…

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