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Though many schools have talked about online learning and academics have battled with the tech industry on the best way to move on this, there still has been one underlying issue that hasn’t been able to be resolved….well that’s until now.

Everyone knows that going online is second nature to everyone (or even first to some). But the reluctance to use it for learning has been present for so long, mainly because firstly people would ultimately prefer to use online for pleasure than anything else, not to mention a massive reluctance to change itself is a hard force to fight against too.

Now with the world being under lockdown, this has finally been forced upon us. Those schools that are finally making the shift due to necessity are going to be the winners in the game. Students who once were university lecture-hall dwellers are now forced to be in their homes. Right now they think it might be just a nice holiday to sleep, but that will wear off very fast when they realise that even when they leave and go out of the house, nothing will be open, there will be nothing to do and no-one will be around.

In turn this then forces everyone online. Everyone will be buying everything online, getting food orders online, connecting with friends and family online, keeping up to date with news and events online and most importantly learning online.  The pleasure someone will have just to see their teacher on their laptop in front of them instead of face to face will be a surge of excitement and pleasure. To know that someone is connecting with them, talking with them, helping them and teaching them will totally transform the use of the online industry. 

Firstly, we need to know right now that it will be ‘live-online’ classes that will soar. Students don’t want just some textbook to read and a quick quiz, they want human contact. The world seems to have gone mad and we need to make sure we are all connected more than anything else right now. The role of the teacher in this will be paramount.

For those schools who are not engaging in online activity now, the end is nigh for you. Our young people not only desire but expect all things to come to them during this time (in particular) immediately and online. 

The shift needs to come right now.  This shift will show all those reluctant to change to online that this is truly where it is at. Missing this amazing long-term business opportunity will be death to many institutions.

Finally!!!…. the world is demanding online learning. Deliver it or die.

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