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What we expect to achieve from education does vary depending on our age. Take a look at these criteria and let me know if you agree of not.

0-12 years of age:

Heroic: Be it based on the toys in these children’s bedroom or not is beside the point, but many children seek to become a fireman or soldier or even a nurse or a teacher based on the heroic nature of these jobs. They see that their education will lead them to these goals.

13-17 years of age:

Celebrity:  This is more based on the media available to them. Some seek to be football stars and others perhaps fashion models. All of these are an extension of the heroic element from their earlier years. Plus some cash of course.

18-30 years of age:

Financial:  These people have somehow decided that money is the key to all this, and whatever educational shift they decide, it has to be lucrative. Many will go into law and medicine primarily for this reason. If that is the case they embark on a lengthy academic life to get what they want.

31-40 years of age:

Confusion:  this is where the lawyers and doctors realized that good money doesn’t come easy and that there are plumbers and electricians driving the Mercedes not them. At the same time they are burdened with mortgages and debts that find them in marriages and children’s birth.

40-50 years of age:

Building citizens: so comes the big shift back to their children. All parents really want for their children is that they become caring well-rounded citizens. They expect the education system to do that for them. They don’t necessarily want their children to fall into the same trap of chasing the money that they did. They are generally happy with what they see because their children are now entering their heroic phase of learning and job seeking. Something they like as an heroic nature is the cornerstone of a great citizen.

50-60 years of age:

Being kind and loving: Though they find it hard to accept, education to this age group should be all about building kind people. They themselves have already been through a lot and their positions in society have been shaken and shattered in many ways. They may have money or no money and know it isn’t everything. What they do know is that being a kind and loving person is the most powerful a person should learn.

60-70 years of age:

Enjoy what you have: People in this age group tend to believe that learning is a life long thing and let it be about everything. Learning shouldn’t just be about going to school but in all facets of life. Pursue your dreams and let the learning be a part of it.

70-80 years of age:

Caring for others:  Just an extension of the ongoing citizen building theme, this age group are more about the care and consideration others are delivering. Often more of a moral element is there as these people believe that education should hold a major core of fairness and helping others on a much larger scale. This they believe is the only thing that will make the world a better place.

80 ++ years:

Do what you like:  Life is short.

Any other ideas?

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