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Just thought I’d put together some oldie but goodies for the ESL teacher who is looking for some great time fillers for their ESL class.

  1. Alphabet memorizing

Great for the low levels, just chant the alphabet missing out words or saying them in groups.

  1. Chinese Whispers

Start one simple sentence at one end of the line of children and get each child to whisper the sentence into the next person’s ear and pass it on, they can only say the sentence once. See what the sentence is at the end.

  1. Reciting a rhyming poem

Always good for those lacking confidence, get children to do it in pairs.

  1. Tongue Twisters

Great for any level. Google tongue twisters to see what there is available online or even get the class to make up some of their own.

  1. Take part in a quiz

A great general knowledge quiz with prizes for groups always hits the spot for speaking.

  1. Present results of a survey to the class to be debated

Conduct a survey on a controversial topic and then get groups to debate the pros and cons. Always good for higher levels.

  1. Translate some jokes you know into English

Children love jokes and ESL children are no different. The subtleties may be a bit lost on some of them but try this activity anyway

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