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Sounds a grand title for something that so many people take for granted right? Learning English for your degree, for your trip to the western world, for your job…so how can it also be considered an heroic move?

Let’s break down the dictionary meaning:


a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

So once we see the true meaning of a hero, we can look more fairly at what it takes to learn English when you are from a family, culture or country where English is at a minimum.

To learn English when you come from such an area requires courage because:

  • You need to go to, live and stay in a foreign land that no one (from your town) has ever been before
  • You will need to adapt to a new culture perhaps
  • You will need to eat different food
  • You will need to try your best as you are the sole traveller from your family and so must accomplish and bring back what you have learned

At the same time once you have attained your English ability, you will be a role model to your community as any other hero is in terms of what can be achieved and how we must all follow you.

To add to this, when you have finished your degree, English learning, your skill will be putting you in a position in your community that is powerful and noble. You will be admired and looked up to. As well as this the burden you will carry for such an achievement will make you responsible and a leader.

So to fully appreciate what learning English can do, will help you understand how you are the hero in this situation because of what you can do with your now ‘super-power’.

So take and treat this new super power you have with respect and use wisely.

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