THREE reasons a STUDENTS English learning can FAIL


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If we are all honest with ourselves, we have to admit that not everyone is successful in their pursuit of learning English. Most are but some have some very real reasons for not continuing. So let’s have a look at the three main reasons.

  1. Can’t afford it

To learn English at a good language centre in any country is not cheap. If you come from a low income family, you may have to work your way through the course, studying at night and working during the day, and that’s not easy either. Your work wage may be the only money you have to live on and even some or all of it may not be enough. This is such a critical issue for so many people in the world today, and sadly it is only the rare few who are so passionate about it that make it.


What to do: But don’t worry, English is something that can be learned any time and in many ways, and if you really want it you can get it for free online and many other places.


  1. It’s too hard

English isn’t easy. Even native speakers don’t know the whole language well, let alone all the grammar and vocabulary. Most people just hang onto their basic English understanding they learned when they were in their teens and never moved on. That’s normal. Plus English requires persistence and deep thinking to understand things. If you are not inclined this way, it can be not only difficult but downright painful to sit in a class and feel a failure.


What to do: If English is necessary or you, again as above, you can learn in by immersion. Being out there in the streets picking up the odd phrase here and there can give you some confidence to get started. So give it a go and you’ll be surprised how far you get.


  1. Something else has happened

Life happens. That’s understandable. You re all set to go to your course and you start but a big family issue arises or different opportunity comes your way and you have to rethink it all. That’s something that happens to everyone all the time. You need to pull out of your course and feel disappointed and annoyed that you don’t get to complete it.


What to do:  Learning English is a life long thing what you don’t get in those months you are off, can be picked up again later. Still also you can seek out opportunities in your day to at least master what you did learn and see if you can pick up some more. There will always be a language course out there waiting for you when you are ready again.

All these reasons are really the universe telling you that perhaps this is just not your time.

So there you have it – if you are finding that you are not ready for your course for whatever reason, it’s all understandable – we are all different and we all have life experiences. The truth at the end of the day is that if you really want it – you will get it, maybe not tomorrow but some time in the future. If you don’t really want it – it doesn’t matter, not everyone has to learn the language, it’s your choice to do what you want with your life.

What do you think?

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