No ENGLISH is 100% perfect

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One problem some ESL students have is that they listen far too much to native speakers….sound crazy? Well in some ways it is.

I say this because once the student understands the native English speaker they get very confused, because they assume that native speakers are perfect English speakers, but it’s not the case. Native English speakers often learn English from the moment they were born and so as a result pick up not only the English with fluency and confidence, but pick up all the mistakes and errors that English make on a daily basis.

The final point here is that people have to understand that no one speakers English 100% perfectly, even native English speakers.

The best thing for a student to do is to listen purely to understand, not just to check the grammar. If you focus too much on the grammar, you will lose your mind.

Many grammatically correct phrases are simply not used in common English language and as a result if you break down a lot of slang used by native speakers, though the intention and communication is clear, the actual way it is put together grammatically is completely nonsensical.

Native speakers do that because often certain phrasings are particular to a certain identity. Often used in slang or highly informal conversations, the ‘incorrectness’ of it identifies the speaker as of a certain ‘type’.

These incorrect grammatical statements are constantly in a state of change and are often altered every generation.

ESL learners should not be daunted or put off by listening to incorrect grammar, the best thing to do is to learn as correctly as possible and let their English grow and develop based on the environment they are in. If they are planning on becoming a professional in a certain field, they need to mix with these people and they will soon understand the ‘lingo’ of this group. Nail that and they will soon be identified as one of the team!

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