6 Ways AI will transform EDUCATION


It seems that still today most teachers and Educational practitioners on the ground don’t fully understand the impact of technology on education. As this article points out, the Education world still seems to be the most resistant to the influx of new technologies. Somehow Teachers underestimate the way technology can enhance their role.
The keys points stated in this article show that it is when a teacher has to mark 1000 essays for the end of year finals, that the level of technical input needed for each essay will soon be no longer the burden of the teacher, but an AI will be able to complete it all in a few moments. Also the customer service aspect when a student only needs to know one simple thing, e.g. when is the exam, what do I need to know, where do I go, etc, can all be done simply and easily with AI and chatbots.
Some may say, so what’s the difference then in AI compared to just an ordinary instructional website or App? Well, AI learns as it goes and every time it is used, it gets better, plus its edge is that is can be very personalised for that student.
Saying all this there are always downsides, but I’m sure once someone gets used to the help these bots can do for them, the downsides can become maximised opportunities to make learning even better on the human and personalised way.
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10 thoughts on “6 Ways AI will transform EDUCATION

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  2. Thanks for this Blog. We have spent a fascinating lunch hour debating all your points with our English teachers. I love learning about different ways of teaching, so thank you

    • Hi there, I’m so glad you have found these points interesting. The future of education is something every teacher and educationist should be thinking about….it’s certainly going to be different. Would love to know what your English teachers feelings were about the future of teaching….

  3. I agree. The best at anything will always have a job and I feel there is no substitute for face to face
    I also think we need to embrace new ideas or at least contemplate them. We have some Qatari students coming to us which is a change from our European students and we are very excited about this meeting of different cultures with hopefully both groups teaching the other one something new

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