Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Right now, with COVID-19 still hanging around, there is no doubt that going to College is something people are thinking twice about. Not only because of the value of college, but can you actually afford it, and another 4 years of limited income may not be viable.

Everyone and anyone is looking for a job, so that might push people into College if they can’t get one, but there will be a lot of questions as to whether that could be a disaster or an asset.

Stepping back a little we need to also ask, what and how is college going to offer post-covid students that will make it worthwhile and valuable for them to take that leap of faith? The massive old universities of yesterday will need to review their structure and ask themselves, how can we attract students to come back to us?

From me, here are some suggestions for Colleges and Universities:

  1. Review the value of each of your staff from the perspective of:
    1. Ability to offer current and forward-thinking initiative
    1. Attitude to change
    1. Willingness to work as a team
  2. Course pricing – it has to be considerably lower
  3. Couse delivery online – as much as possible courses will need to be delivered online but this will bring with it a number of different criteria:
    1. The courses will need to be cheaper
    1. The courses will to be adapted for online
    1. Online assessment needs to be reviewed in a different way
  4. College campuses need to be made smaller and/or fragmented into a multitude of mini-campuses around the globe, as this can ensure that there is a sense of ‘onsite location’ everywhere the students are, and therefore build a sense of unity and alliance.
  5. Fundamentally understand that the changes that are made now are not temporary.

As noted in a previous post, the learning that comes from a negative experience far outweighs that of a positive learning experience. That’s not to be pessimistic about change, that’s just a fact of life. When we are forced to change, the best most creative things happen.

So should you go to College?   If you are still keen but aren’t sure, you just need to understand that it’s going to be a two-way street. You and the college need to meet half-way, with changes on both sides.

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